Jake O’Kane Goes West

It may have taken two decades but finally, Jake O’Kane, one of Ireland’s best-known comics, appears at Feile An Phobail.

Hot on the heels of several sell-out tours, hugely popular appearances on The Blame Game, the hit ‘Tear Gas’ DVD and hundreds of thousands of social media hits for his dissection of the ‘flegs’ dispute, Jake has put together a special collection of material for this year’s festival. 

Combining photographs and stories taken from the Irish News archives, Jake will be taking his usual no-nonsense approach to relationships and religion, modern life to being ginger (and everything else in between), illustrating the insanity and humanity that makes our society and people so unique.

Jake’s comedy can be summed up by one phrase: ‘comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable’.  Expect the unexpected, as no politician or political party is off-limits in this special one-off performance.  With his unique brand of observational humour and astute take on social commentary, this show reinforces Jake’s position as a comic at the top of his game.

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