Barra Best has been presenting the weather news to BBC audiences for more than seven years on television, radio, and online. His friendly, knowledgeable style has endeared him to viewers and listeners and his devoted Twitter and Facebook followers have made his the biggest accounts of any weather presenter in Ireland.

Away from weather duties, Barra is also a television presenter. On BBC One Northern Ireland Barra presents the popular railway history programme ‘Walk the Line’ tracking the forgotten railway lines that once criss-crossed the countryside, and ‘Weather Watchers with Barra Best’ – where we discover how we are all affected by our ever-changing weather.

He also hosts BBC Northern Ireland’s Children in Need programme – one of the fastest-moving and demanding roles in television,  and fronted the BBC’s hugely popular Stargazing Live programme on BBC 1 Northern Ireland – he’s no stranger to the big topics!

As well as his work on television and radio, Barra has hosted a wide range of corporate events, from awards ceremonies to celebrations.

Before moving to weather forecasting and environmental reporting, Barra made his name covering stories for BBC Newsline on BBC One Northern Ireland, and the Good Morning Ulster and Evening Extra programmes on BBC Radio Ulster.

Outside of broadcasting Barra has a passion for travelling – anything form a drive to the coast, weekend trips to the continent, and visiting friends down under