Julian SimmonsJulian Simmons is undoubtedly UTV’s most dynamic and charismatic personality and has become a legend in his own lifetime. Best known for his role as UTV’s primetime announcer, his trademark off-the-wall humour has made him a household name who more often than not proves far more entertaining than the shows he is introducing.

More recently Julian presented a six-part series, UTV Rewind, looking at archive clips from UTV.

A star not only throughout Ireland, but further afield too, Julian regularly hosts fashion shows, conferences, seminars and glittering premier parties throughout Europe and North America.

He has also made numerous appearances on RTE and BBC NI game shows, where his unique brand of comedy has never failed to entertain audiences.

A gifted comedian and talented presenter, Julian is also one of Northern Ireland’s most sought after voiceover artists. Indeed, his cockney and American accents have been used in countless television and radio commercials.

Known in the entertainment industry as the ‘Martini Man’, Julian prides himself on being ready to perform anytime, anyplace, anywhere. It’s this love of entertainment that makes him one of the country’s leading after dinner speakers and MCs.

Julian was born in Belfast and still lives in Northern Ireland.