Paul-ClarkPaul Clark has one of the most recognisable faces in Northern Ireland.

As a broadcaster and journalist Paul presents the main evening news on UTV – UTV Live at Six. He has worked in broadcasting for more than 30 years and his career has taken him to Dublin with RTÉ and to London with the BBC.

Apart from working as a TV journalist, Paul has made a number of documentaries in Ireland and overseas. His journeys have taken him to Sudan, Uganda, Angola, Nepal, India and large parts of Central and South America. A number of these programmes have won national TV awards.

Earlier in his career, Paul Clark worked as a DJ on 2 FM in Dublin. He is a versatile person, comfortable working with large and small groups.

Paul is also the ideal person as master of ceremonies and chairman at conference events.

Paul was born in Belfast and still lives in Northern Ireland with his wife Carol and two sons Peter and David.

He is interested in military history, Irish history, politics and the developing world.