William Caulfield in Search of James Young
To celebrate the centenary year of the birth of James Young, comedian William Caulfield toured with his new theatre show – One Hundred Years of ‘OUR JIMMY’ to mark the occasion. As James actual birthday date approaches, 23rd June, William’s thoughts again are turning to the comic genius that was James Young.

William’s recent sell out tour featured some original, and some new material from the beloved comedy characters of Lily O’Condriac, Billy Hulk, Big Derek, Orange Lil, Willie Simpson, The Ballymena Man and wee Sammy the Schoolboy and others.

Now William’s dream is to find some of the original scripts from the plays in which the Master performed. He has made a start to his collection, “I already have two of the plays he performed in already. One I obtained recently from Linenhall Library, ‘Right again, Barnum’ the other in a slightly different way” explains William.
“I was doing the Our Jimmy tribute show. At the door a young couple were waiting to speak to me as I was selling merchandise.
The man introduced himself and asked me if I had heard of a John McDonnell. Naturally I had as he was the man responsible for writing the bulk of Jimmy’s scripts and plays. He was in fact John’s nephew. I told him I was looking to find some of the plays his uncle had written. Some days later he got in contact and gave me the script of ‘All the Kings Horses’.

In his time James performed in over twenty plays either on stage or screen. Do you remember? Can you help discover any of this extraordinary catalogue of work? The search is on as we prepare to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of greatest comic geniuses of our time. Who knows the next step would be to bring a new production to a theatre new you.
If you have any information for William you can contact him via Facebook or through his agent David Hull Promotions.

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